• Winter on The Green

    The Green has it’s winter coat on! A lovely frosty scene just outside Martham Lodge.


  • Christmas Festivities At The Lodge!

    Mince pies, mulled wine, music and laughter filled Martham Lodge on the 17th December as we threw our Christmas party. 

    IMG_2613 IMG_2603 IMG_2642 IMG_2639 IMG_2622 IMG_2644 IMG_2730 IMG_2768 IMG_2770

  • Sam’s Cabbage!


     Sam & his cabbage!

    Sam, one of our carers, has an allotment in Martham village & grows his own produce, he brought in his very large cabbage, I could not resist a photo……The clients enjoyed it for lunch!


  • Martham Scarecrow Festival

    Martham hosted a Scarecrow weekend that included a  treasure hunt, residents’ garden and garage sales, a scavenger hunt, fun fair, bake off competition, stalls and live entertainment  , the event is now in its seventh year.

    And new to this year’s programme were displays of yarn bombing, which saw roofs, lampposts, fences, posts and railings get covered in colourful knitted patches and bunting.

    Not to be out done Martham staff put together a wonderful display :


    photo 2 (4)


    photo 1


    photo 3


    So many members of staff gave up their own time & contributed by knitting & making the scarecrows, the clients enjoyed a couple of days of activity outside the windows & enjoyed taking part in the event.

  • Miage The Pyrenean Mountain Dog visits

    Maremma Sheepdog


    Miage visited Martham Lodge this morning prior to being groomed. Ray & I inherited Miage from friends, we have always owned Labradors, a mountain dog was a bit of a change! She is an independent lady, who is happy to lie in the sun all day just lifting her head to bark at pigeons, tractors, cyclists. She was very quiet at Martham Lodge, she arrived & buried her bone under the gravel, & then just enjoyed being fussed by the staff & clients. She could become a regular visitor!

    Monica & Miage


    Monica & Miage





    About the Maremma

    The Maremma is not very attached or overly outgoing. They are a rugged wolf-slayer breed which has adapted into a marvellous companion, without losing its extraordinary working abilities. It will defend both house and master, and it is particularly attentive with children. The Maremma is a marvellous sheepdog and loves its work. It is a terrible enemy of the wolf, but tame with man. Held in high esteem by shepherds, especially in the mountains where it thrives in the snow it is resistant to both cold and brambles.

  • Visitors in the Lounge!

    Jessie ( the cat) keeping a watchful eye on early morning visitors.Chicks in lounge

    The very proud mother duck showed off her brood to clients & staff, by walking in through the conservatory & into the lounge.

    chicks 3


    Once everyone had cooed appreciatively she escorted her family back out into the garden.



  • ‘Tea Rooms’ at Martham Lodge

    The conservatory dining room has been converted into a bright area with a vintage tea room theme.

    Relatives, staff & friends have contributed by bringing in objects to be placed on shelves around the room, giving it a cluttered, warm & authentic feel.










  • Onesie Wednesday

    On Wednesday 20th Novemeber we held Onesie Wednesday, to raise money for the bathroom fund.





    All the staff joined in the fun.


    Showing their tails!


    Work did not stop!


    Even in the offices!


    The day was a great success with large amounts of money being raised & staff & clients having an enjoyable day.

  • Strawberry Fair

    On Saturday the 3rd August we hosted a strawberry fair in the garden,  the sun shone & friends & relatives turned up to enjoy strawberries & cream with  home-made tarts & scones. Games were played, garden domino’s, connect 4 & croquet.

    Before the rush!

    Before the rush!

    The event was held not only as a lovely summer social event, it was also to raise funds for a new ‘wet room’. Emma, Pauline, Sue, Mary & all the other staff raised over £700.

    The Tombola

    The Tombola


    Croquet on the lawn

    Croquet on the lawn


     Raffle prizes were donated by  The Hotel Victoria in Lowestoft, Naomi’s Flower Gallery in Martham

    & Eleanor Porter from Inspired Therapies donated a gift voucher. (See link)

  • The Olympic Torch comes to Martham

    One of our client’s wife Daphne, carried the torch through Great Yarmouth on July 5th. Following her ‘run’ she visited the home to show clients & staff her torch.

    Her friends nominated her & this is a copy of her story:

    Our friend and neighbour Daphne is a runner but also a carer (for her progressively deteriorating husband who has Alzheimer`s and until recently her 100 year old Dad, who also had Alzheimer`s). No mean achievement when you`re 75 but Daphne also has cancer. Her running has been her solace and her salvation and has given her a focus for her life. She has always run FAST – achieving good for age times but since her diagnosis of bone marrow cancer she has had to change her goals. She`s always run for charity, mostly for research into Alzheimer`s but also for cancer research, the Salvation Army and Action Aid. In April this year, determination and grit saw her complete the London Marathon. She had to walk the course for fear of fracturing bones and in doing so achieved much more than many of her healthy contemporaries. She is an inspiration to so many people, far and wide. It`s not just her stoicism, her determination or her cheerfulness that make her such a remarkable lady, it`s her unwillingness to let the tough circumstances she has had to deal with overwhelm her. Many would have buckled under the strain. Daphne is an amazing runner and an amazing person, I believe she would be an outstanding torch bearer of the Olympic flame.


    With Dawn & Pauline

    Emma & Daphne

    Mary & Sue

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