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    Weekly reminiscence sessions are held to encourage clients to meet together and help to increase sociability & levels of communication. Interaction between clients  offers stimulation as well as extending further understanding of each individuals circumstances. Programmes of events   include.

    Martham Lodge is situated next to the Green in Martham

    Martham Lodge is situated next to the Green in Martham

    • Early childhood & schooling.
    • The seasons.
    • Holidays.
    • Pastimes, sport & hobbies.
    • Important events in peoples lives.
    • Housekeeping & shopping.
    • Work & occupations.
    • T. V ..radio & entertainment.

    A variety of triggers are be used to help promote recollection & memories, these  include music & sounds, touch, taste & smell. Clients are also able to handle artefacts & look at newspapers.

    Musical activities will be arranged including: movement to music, old time music hall sessions .

    Minibus & coach outings will be organised to go to places of local interest. Fish & chips at Dunwich, Cromer for some crabs, Norwich Christmas lights.


    All diets can be catered for, vegetarian, diabetic, low calorie etc. Due to the size of the home we are able to get to know our clients likes & dislikes, so we can offer alternatives when required. All our food is traditional home cooking using the freshest ingredients, our fruit and vegetables are sourced from farm shops in the locality or grown in the homes greenhouse. All meals are prepared freshly each day and the cakes are always homemade.

    Early morning – (on waking)
    8pm onwards
    Cup of tea & biscuits or toast.
    Breakfast: Cereals, Porridge, Toast.
    Morning coffee: Hot drinks and biscuits
    Lunch: Roasts, Fish and chips, Stews.
    Afternoon Tea: Homemade cakes & biscuits.
    High tea: Soup & rolls,Sandwiches.
    Supper Hot drinks and light snacks.
    Usually meals are served in the conservatory dining room but clients may eat in the privacy of their own rooms if they wish. Any time day or night, or when visitors arrive refreshments are always offered and available.

    Visitors are able to join us for mealtimes, particularly on special occasions such as annual holidays or anniversaries and birthdays where being together is particularly important.


    Doctors : Martham Health Centre covers the   home, most residents  register with one of the 2 doctors in the practice.
    Chiropodist : A visiting chiropodist visits every 6 weeks. ( this service is included in the fees )
    District Nurses : Visits can be requested by the home when required.
    Physiotherapists : This can be arranged through the Health Centre.
    Optician : Optical Health Call make regular visits to the home.
    Dentist : A local dentist will make domiciliary visits when required.

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